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Venue Management App

Note: this is a white-label case study, meaning details and visuals are not disclosed.
project details
Founding Product Designer, Freelance
UX & UI Design for an MVP SaaS
November 2020

How might we manage live venues seamlessly?

Time is money. Whether you manage a trendy bar in Brixton or a spa in Bath, a high turnover of paying customers is key to maximising your profit margin. 

That was until COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way we occupy venues. Outdoor spaces have massively increased in value, and the ability to reconfigure your venue according to social distancing guidelines is the difference between surviving and thriving. In the new normal, time and space is money.

How did I have an impact?

I was brought on as the founding product designer of a SaaS startup targeting venue management in the new normal. Presented with the founders' competitor research and ideas, I led the team through ideation, wireframes and rapid prototyping, designing a fully designed MVP prototype available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

This app is set to launch in Spring 2021.

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