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Digital Transformation Strategy

Note: this is a white-label case study, meaning details and visuals are not disclosed.
project details
Project Lead, Freelance
Professional Services Client
January - April 2021

How might we empower quality remote client interactions?

The office meeting room keeps collecting dust. The Future of Work is here, and for this London-based professional services firm, that meant navigating a hybrid office approach and long-term remote client relationships.

What is digital transformation - cartoon infographic - Business Illustrator
Comic: Who led the digital transformation of your company? A) The CEO, B) The CTO, C) COVID-19 (circled)

The pandemic gave clients and employees alike plenty of time to consider their changing needs, as well as current pain points with remote working. In the new normal, there's pressure for firms to digitally transform, internally and externally, or they risk losing out to digitally-savvy competitors.

How did I have an impact?

I was brought on as the Project Lead for my client's digital transformation strategy. Supported by senior consultants, I led a select group of corporate partners through research, stakeholder workshops, ideation, and concept design, ultimately delivering a proposed two-year roadmap and a high-fidelity prototype.

Design at Columbia

Co-founding Columbia University's first and only design community

Designing a service-led experience to make design a visible, accessible, and legitimate career path, now at 800+ members.

User Research
Service Design
Content Design

Venue Management App

Building the design vision for a SaaS B2B startup

Rapidly designing a full high-fidelity MVP by leading the founders from ideation to sketching to prototyping.

UX Design
UI Design
Rapid Prototyping